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Enhance instruction with virtual meetings and digital resources

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Equitable access to resources

Leverage our suite of communications tools to connect students with on-campus resources such as research assistance, support services, and tutoring.

Digital literacy on any device

Our device agnostic approach is compatible with any laptop, tablet, or computer, empowering students to be familiar with devices and operating systems that are common in the Free World.

Shared values and collaboration.

As the only nonprofit technology partner for educators, we share a common mission to improve equitable access to education for incarcerated people. We want to work with you to develop solutions for your needs and in the furtherance of this shared mission.

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Correctional staff using Connect

Discover how you can leverage our communications platform to enhance instruction and provide increased access to on-campus resources.

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Correctional staff using Connect

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Enhance your curriculum with an LMS built for corrections, providing students access to lessons, research resources, and assignment submission.


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