The nation's first prison communication platform that's free for families

Connect tablet mockup
Connect tablet mockup
Connect tablet mockup
Connect is for anybody, including educators and social services.

Connect supplements in-person instruction by connecting students with on-campus resources, such as personalized tutoring, librarian access, disability support services, financial aid, and academic counseling.

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Connect is completely free for families.

You can download Connect from the app store on any Apple or Android device. Once you create your profile, you can add your loved one and request to be added as their contact. Once corrections officials approve you as a visitor, you will then be able to schedule video calls.

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Connect meets corrections industry security standards.

Use Connect on any device, including devices that your agency may already own.

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Connect tablet mockup

Family contact and strong community bonds are vital.

Dean Williams (Colorado DOC, Executive Director), Amber Pedersen (Colorado DOC, Policy Advisor), Wanda Bertram (Prison Policy Initiative), and Zo speak about why it's critical to lower barriers to family contact and how Ameelio's Connect platform helps DOCs further their rehabilitative mission.
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JudyIowa Correctional Institution for Women

This is such an incredible service. I’ve been incarcerated for decades, family is all I have. Being able to talk to them everyday without worrying about cost is life-changing.

What to expect when you request a demo

If you’re a DOC or jail interested in getting Connect to your state, here’s what to expect when you request a demo.


Book a time for a Connect demo and intro meeting by completing our demo request form.


Meet with our integration specialists to understand how we can improve your agency’s visitation system.


Consult with legal to understand how we can provide services under your agency’s existing contracts.


Sign a contract, finalizing the requested devices and final integrations for your agency.


Provide free video calls and improve efficiency with our paperless process.

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